Ron MUPHUWA profile picture


Author of 8 academic books, co-author of "Kwalimba uta ndi nthano zina" and anthologised in "The Familiar Stranger: English Literature Anthology for Junior Secondary School in Malawi"


Vice President

Author of "English Language for MSCE: Comprehension, Summary, Note-making and Composition" (2014), a short biography; "A Gift to the People: Sr. Beatrice Chipeta’s Legacy" (2020), "Fragments of my Broken Voice" and "Sons of the Hills" (2021).

Mtungambera HARAWA

Secretary General

Author of "Study Guide to Smouldering Charcoal".

Charles MALUWA

Executive Member

Author, Philanthropist and Governance Expert, well experienced in poetry, movie script and children nonfiction. Maluwa co-owns a governance company, Institute of Governance Accountability.